• DSandstorm

    Hello fellow Magician fans. I want to share the procedure for creating a new Arc in case I'm not around. (One of my major goals is to leave enough documentation that other members can pick continue to run the wiki if I'm not around.)

    Below I've laid out the list of steps that go into our wiki running smoothly. Adding a new arc is intuitive, but requires knowing which templates are involved. There is some overlap with chapters, so you can refer to this for that as well.

    • Remember to update navigation in
    • Add dates to ,
    • Add Arc to
    • Add Chapters and Arcs to Chapters and Story Arcs (I sometimes forget to do this)
    • Add "...Arc Chapters" subcategories (in arc order) to Category:Chapters_by_Arc (follow the formula)

    Then lastly is the obvious, actually addin…

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  • DSandstorm

    Korean Honorifics

    February 23, 2017 by DSandstorm

    This is a reference provided for those reading a translation that uses honorifics. (They are not part of the name of the characters, and should not be treated as such.) Information courtesy of Easy Going Scans.
    Hope this helps!

    RexIgnis (talk) 23:26, February 23, 2017 (UTC)

    Nim - A formal way of addressing someone typically older and/or more respected than you.

    Ssi - A formal way of addressing someone you do not know or are unfamiliar with.

    Nuna - A friendly way of addressing an older woman near your age if you're a guy.

    Hyung - A friendly way of addressing an older man your age if you're a guy.

    Unni - A friendly way of addressing an older woman near your age if you're a girl.

    Oppa - A friendly way of addressing an older man near your age if you're a gi…

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  • DSandstorm

    In an effort to make the wiki's pages streamlined, I've created templates that will generate complete page layouts and fill in various aspects automatically. Not only does it make sure all pages of the same type are consistent, it also makes the process of creating a nice looking new page quicker! Just include the template code with the specified values and you'll see the page generated once you save. The example below is all you need to generate an Arc page.

    This page has a list of created templates. Check out each template for more detailed usage.

    Extra: If anyone is really good at wiki templating, I posed a question on one of the talk pages: Template_talk:Boilerplate/Arc

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