Shadow is an agent of Janus. He is identical in appearance to Edermask. He was responsible for the many horrific acts attributed to Edermask.

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He has he same Lightning Magic as Edermask and quite capable on using it.

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Janus met him on one of his conquests more than 300 years ago during a war. He was a slave right then but when Janus saw his uncanny resemblance to his twin brother he offered him help and freedom. Sometime later he made him immortal.

All the atrocities associated with the name Edermask was primarily done by him for reasons mainly to corner Edermask so a lot of people will be hunting him. He take pride in these actions, even boasting that the mantle of "Edermask" is his and highly disliked being referred to as an impostor or a fake since it was his actions that gained that name. It was later revealed that it was Janus who gave him that name.

He stationed himself during the timeskip along the mountains where Natasha was previously hidden, waiting for anyone who has connections to Edermask to finally stumble upon him in order to kill them. His mission was to kill anyone who has a connection to Edermask.

It was also him that killed the clan of assasins in Aruma, the clan where Phobos and Phobia belongs to making him the rightful object of their revenge. This mission was given to him by Janus because Janus wants the invasion of Aruma to go smoothly and sees the assassin clan as a hindrance.

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