Pierre is bodyguard and personal assistant of Molliviore.

Also, when my lady isn't present...I don't know the meaning of the word mercy. Know your place and kneel. -Pierre to Phobia and Phobos

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Most of the time his eyes are almost closed. This is due to the fact that they have special properties.


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He is very skilled in hand to hand combat.



He is able to perceive the world around him even with his eyes closed and when he opens them he has telekinetic abilities that allow him to control small objects. He uses this skill to control threads, turning them solid - like iron blades. This allows him to deliver the finishing blow. He rarely uses this ability as Molliviore disliked his eyes as a child and had ordered him never to show them in front of her (later she revokes that order).

His eyes are glowing red with white irises. According to him, those with crimson eyes slowly decide on an owner, and therefore have the fate to serve and follow that owner until death - 'an absolute imprinting that you can not disobey'. His eyes' owner is lady Mollivoire. He claims that he fell for her even before his eyes recognized her - that's why he doesn't hate his crimson eyes. Pierre mentions when he is first introduced as a character, that, among his race, those with three eyes - are individuals with unique abilities and unimaginable strength.

If you ever meet someone with three eyes... Do not fight. Run away. They're terrifying individuals Pierre to Enzu

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