Kal (Blade) is the former Captain of the Guard in the city of Misty. In the past, he hunted Enzu and Sir Henry during the internal strife that caused the death of Enzu's birth parents, and is the one who scarred Enzu's cheek. Kal is now the ex-first ranked Edermask hunter known as Santivanna and has been paired with the Breakers to hunt down Edermask. [1]

"We can't have everything. On the battlefield, if there is something you gain...there is always something to be lost or given up on." -Kal to Enzu and the others

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Kal is a dark skinned, moderately tall soldier of medium build. His arms and face are covered in scars.


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He was first seen chasing down Sir Henry and a young Enzu together with other men under the orders of the lord that came after Enzu's father. It was during the pursuit that he gave Enzu the scar on his left cheek as a mark for his "prey".

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After chasing out Enzu and Sir Henry from Misty, Kal went on to become the Captain of the Guards, where he lived a comfortable and peaceful life. When Enzu later returned to Misty, Kal was eager to continue his hunt for Enzu, using his men to try and trap Enzu, who managed to escape with the help of an elderly lady.

Enzu beats Kal

Later, while heading to the bar with fellow Gaurdsmen, Kal was confronted by D, who led him to Enzu for a final showdown. Kal, taking advantage of his history with Enzu, intimidated the body and quickly took control of the fight. However, years of peacefulness had caused his meager skills to rust. Enzu quickly came to realize that Kal was no threat as a swordsman and as such, Enzu swiftly disarmed by him, before leaving with D.

Astonished and ashamed that he had lost to a child, Kal asked for death, a request that Enzu denied. As such, Kal cut his own cheek, as a mark of what had happened, and as a sign that the two would meet again, before departing into the night.

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Kal was revealed to be the ex-first ranked Edermask hunter when he was paired with the Breakers by an official named Josephite.

Kal states that the only reason he began hunting Edermask was to locate Enzu. However, because of the war, and because of the number of fake Edermasks that had appeared, this method of locating Enzu proved to be difficult. Eventually, Kal found himself as the top Edermask hunter, not through skill, but through sheer performance.

"You must never let your guard down because you are skilled. On the battlefield, there are many deaths regardless of skill." - Kal to Enzu and the group

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