Nenomious (Edermask) is one of the main protagonist of the series.

"You think I don't even know the meaning of Edermask's name? One who shrouds the sky. One who does not succumb to anyone within this world...But looks down and crushes them instead."
Enzu explaining Edermask's name to Shadow

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Edermask is a very tall man and has three red stripes on each side of his cheeks. He has wavy, brown, middle-length hair that goes below his shoulders. He had brown-almond eyes, his nose is long and his lips are thin.

He wears a white cape that covers his entire body, this cape has been shown to have a magical protection spell over it especially against fire. He carries a blue staff with a pink orb on the top around with him, and also carries a short sword around under his cloak.

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He is introduced in the first chapter when Iremi sees him in her grandmother's magical orb.


Season 1Edit


Edermask fighting against the ancient monster

After being absent for nearly 300 years, Edermask reappears in the forest village of Adat, unintentionally saving the village from Edan. After being discovered Edan uses The Eye to inform Janus.

Edermask came to the village to study the ancient ruins in hopes of finding the spell of immortality. Through the help of Iremi, he quickly finds that the ancient temple does not hold the information he needs, and so Edermask makes his way to the magic city of Tisea. [1]

Upon departing Adat, Edermask is joined by Enzu and Iremi, who follow him on his journey.

Once the party reaches the port city of Lydia, Edermask is attacked by two of Janus' goons, Duwei and Edia, who he easily dispates, killing Duwei and mortally wounding Edia. [2]

Season 3 Edit

There was little known information about his and Janus's life up until Chapter 360. However, in these chapters it is explained that Edermask and Janus's real names are Nenomious and Arumio. They are twin brothers who lost their family to the Aruman's during war near their home town Onbuzuka. After being heavily injured as well, they soon collapsed and not too long after, were picked up and cared for by an old man named Delil. He introduces himself as a magician of Onbuzuka, however was originally from Corba, a nearby town similar to their own. He is also Captain to one of the countries soon to face Aruman in the war.

Before trusting Delil as their master to learn from and soon after travel with him to his country, the twins make a life-long promise to end war everywhere. This promise proves to be a determining factor in the majority of their decisions even after meeting a young girl of their age named Nastasha. Whom Arumio instantly falls in love with. Both twins soon grow to be incredibly strong, however while Nenomious preserves a more passive lifestyle with reading and studying theories, his younger brother Arumio prefers a more aggressive solution to their promise. (This is probably due to the fact that Arumio surpasses his older brother in terms of pure talent.) He soon surpasses his Delil as well.

Janus continues to further his solution to end war by creating war. His solution includes taking over the world and unifying them under one power in order to cease war altogether. This aggressive view also sacrifices many lives due to the fact that there would be need for war until Cantera is unified. He brings this matter up with his Master, whom refuses his idea and further prevents him from speaking with the King about it. This enrages Arumio to the point where he walks off in a huff to meet with Nastasha and Nenomious. During this meeting, he sees his master heading off to see the king not even hours after he had spoken with him. He rushes off to go with him, however his master instead chooses to have his older brother meet with the King. This of course, only fuels his rage. As seen later after his older brother returns and explains the event, Arumio confronts his brother in a fit of rage and accuses his brother of forgetting their promise. The two argue for a period of time before Nastasha disturbs their conversation and both boys end up at ends from that point on.

During this time, both boys continue to be at ends, only growing further and further apart and to add to this mix, Nastasha becomes afraid of Arumio (Janus). She begins spending more and more time with Nenomious than his younger brother can tolerate. However, the boys did not have time for such things, for the Aruman army takes quick action and leads both sides into full scale war. The twins fought bravely and proved as assets to their side, but ultimately suffered defeat to the Aruman army. Their master dies and the King is slaughtered. During their immediate escape with their master's body, Nenomious (Edermask) planned on running away to a peaceful country to lay his master to rest and start over. This does not bode well for his younger brother Arumio, who then blames Nenomious for their maaster's death due to his passive ways. He tries to stop him, but Arumio walks off and disappears before him.

In to the new country, Nenomious becomes a professor. He believes that by teaching the youngsters, he will be able to prevent war in the future and everyone accepts him with open arms. For years he lives with Nastasha in peace and warmth, surrounded by the townspeople and children who occasionally come to visit. That is, until one day his older brother is found outside his home, barely alive. He immediately rushes to his aid and provides him with shelter, but to no avail. His younger brothers failures and defeats left him even more bitter towards his older brother and Nenomious had no choice but to watch over his brother from afar. Arumio disappears again for 5 years, only to return with unwelcomed conviction. He tries to explain his ideas to his younger brother, but his sudden change in appearance (white hair) made him question. He then asked about this sudden change and was caught trapped by his brother's immense magic. A spell was cast on him, the spell of immortality, which left Nastasha "asleep" and him unconscious. From then on he attempted to usher her to doctors, healers and the like. Yet, none had a solution. They all diagnosed her as "healthy" but "asleep." He soon found a doctor that told him to accept that the only way to reverse this is magic.



Ethermasks bounty.

  • On a wall of bounties in Lano there was a bounty for Edermask. Although only three of the five bounties were seen, Edermask's bounty was the highest at 700.000.  
  • During the series it is found out that Edermask isn't really his name but one that he took on after becoming immortal.  
  • The red markings on his cheeks are a result of the Immortality spell. People who became functionally immortal through the spell gains the markings. Edermask has been searching for the immortality spell which is forgotten when used on oneself.
  • He is said to be over four hundred years old making him one of the oldest magicians in the Magician series.
  • Edermask has been treated as a criminal for the past 300 years because he was considered a big menace to the people of the world until Janus stopped him. However many of the crimes attributed to him were not of his own fault, but rather from a lookalike who is being commanded by Janus.


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