D is a sword-master traveling with his girlfriend Maudlen to find Edermask.  He possesses an unique, talking sword which is later passed down to Enzu. He dies at the hands of Edermask in Season 1, while sacrificing himself for his girlfriend.

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Tall and tanned, with bright white hair. His body is muscular, usually topless and has incredible strength. D's personality is similar to Enzu's, he is a bit hotheaded but can be very caring for others, especially girls. Has a sense of responsibility and righteousness.


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D manages to block and also hit -but not really damage- Edan with his sword, though he struggled to do both. His sword acknowledges that Edan is "much better" than he is, and D does not seem to disagree. [1]

D shows his abilities by taking on a band of thieves after they interfere with Enzu's fight with their leader. Easily taking them down, D shows that he far outclasses normal swordsmen. He also stops Enzu from killing the thieves' defeated and unarmed leader, showing his respectable character. [2]


Talking Sword

History Edit

D travels with Maudlen and enbarks on a journey to find Edermask. This is because a prophet has told them since they were young that Maudlen was doomed to die. Since then, they've traveled all across the continent in search for immortality and Edermask. 

Season 1Edit

Arumio (Janus), holding the rest of the group hostage, forces Edermask to fight D. Knowing he has no chance against Edermask, he asks for death, knowing that his death would save his girlfriend, as well as the rest of his companions. Edermask grants his wish by striking him down quickly. [3]

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