Chapter 383 is the forth part of the "The Hunt Arc".

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Rang is upset at Jurenin for going into a trap. Blue-haired girl tells Rang it doesn't matter. She explains that he ran off to get revenge against Modsi. She tells him that they became hunters for a reason, including finding information about people they are chasing. Rang wonders if they are also chasing after people. But she assures him that they are just after Ethermask and tells him to not get in the way. White-hair notices someone and gets down. They recognize Matthew as being with Breakers, but mistake her for a male. The white-hair didn't initially recognize her due to the monk robes. Blue-haired connects Enzu Matthew and Molivior and concludes they are follower's of Ethermask to the shock of Rang. Enzu shows up behind them and blue-haired yells for Ethermask. He shows up and blue-haired and white-haired rush at him. Ethermask prepares to face them. Matthew decides to find Iremi instead of joining the fight. Mosdi continues to fight Jurenin. Mosdi slips and Jurenin prepares to kill him.

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They connect Breakers (Enzu), Matthew and Molivior to Edermask.



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