Chapter 382 is the third part of the "The Hunt Arc".

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The pink-haired fighter tells Modsi that he knew Ethermask would lead him to Modsi. He opens a briefcase which shoots out three objects. He then attacks the unprepared Modsi, who manages to dodge. One of the projectiles comes landing down on the pink-haired man's foot, becoming a spiked boot. Modsi blocks the now armed kick. The pink-haired man compliments Modsi's training and uses it as motivation to fight harder. The next projectile lands on his other foot. Modsi blocks the kick and his sword slash before striking back. The pink-haired blocks Modsi's counter and continues his attack. Marie is impressed that he can take on Mosdi. Iremy is considering helping him before the other trackers return, but Modsi tells her to stay out of his fight since its his baggage. The pink-haired is outraged that Modsi considers his sister as baggage. He then proclaims that he'll offer Modsi's head before his sister's grave.

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