Chapter 381 is the second part of the "The Hunt Arc".

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Modsi taunts his opponent. When he tries to dodge the attack, his body is paralyzed. Iremy uses her forest magic to take out the tracker. Modsi thanks her. When she asks what's wrong, he tells her about his paralysis. Iremy determines it is poison and removes it. Modsi didn't know when he was hit. Iremy remembers that Carl informered her that the short guy (Oxkos) uses poison. While Iremy was removing the poison from Modsi, the trackers left. Above them a weapon released a rain of spikes. Iremy uses a vine to shield them. The swordsman comes out swinging at Iremy while another set of spikes comes down. Modsi kicks them out of the air. Iremy attacks the sword tracker with vines, but he slices them. Modsi comes from behind and kicks his head into the ground. Marie uses fire magic to defeat the last hidden tracker. Because of the explosion, Modsi tells them to move. But before they can get away he senses intense killing intent and recognizes a pink-haired fighter.

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Phillis (Fake Edermask)



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