Chapter 379 is the fifth part of the "Gain and Loss Arc".

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Enzu, Matthew, Edermask, Marie, and Modsi sit quietly around a campfire while Iremy sleeps facing away. Everyone looks solemn. The talking sword breaks the silence by asking if Elly, Kal, Molliviore, and Pierre would be safe. Mosdi assures him that trackers would follow them instead. The sword asks about Toure, but Edermask tells it that they are going to a blacksmith's shop halfway up Toure mountain to forge the heart. The next day, Rang stops by their now deserted campfire happy with his decision to skip the temple. He warns his fighters to be on guard, and do only what he says.

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Blacksmith located halfway up Toure mountain are excellent at forging. (Most equipment they are wearing was made there). They are heading there to forge the Heart.



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