Chapter 378 is the forth part of the "Gain and Loss Arc".

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Enzu tells the monk leader that he'll come back later; he's pestered him enough and will set off. He follows Edermask. Iremi and Matthew talk. The monk addresses Iremi, but doesn't continue. She tells him to drop the formality, and walks away holding Elly's hand. They stop. Molly, Pierre, and Kal(?) are parting from them. Elly joins Kal. He tells Enzu that he can't put Elly at risk by continuing with them and that they would weight them down. Kal promises to escort Molly and Pierre to the city. Iremi and Matthew say it wouldn't be as fun without them. Molly says that she needs to find a cure for Pierre. She tells them about a safe passage to the capital. Kal is eventually headed to the south end of Arman and will be found under the name "Elly". Iremi hugs Elly goodbye and promises to visit asking Elly to not forget her. Edeermask has a flashback to a conversation with Kal. He's holding the heart. Kal tells Edermask that he isn't who he used to be, and cautions him to not yearn for strength at the cost of his own heart, because the people around you are what hold you together and are the home you seek.

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In Aonraia, Mormion's Place is a safe passage to the capital (Edwin). Kal is eventually headed to the south end of Arman. Will be under the name Elly. Kal will take a boat from Zenia to Arman. Kal will lead his group to Edwin by going around Denver.



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