Chapter 377 is the third part of the "Gain and Loss Arc".

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Molly is in disbelief that Iremi wasn't able to heal Pierre's eyes. She asks Iremi to try again, but Pierre tells her that he knew this would happen when he knew he couldn't go on, his energy grew dim along with his eyesight. He apologizes to Molliviore. His happiness has been given by his promise to give his life for her, but he considers himself greedy for believing that they were always meant to be. Molly begins to cry, but Pierre says he is not worthy of them. Enzu asks about Pierre, but Iremi tells him that her strength has limits. The leader of the monks wars Edermask about those who are following them. Edermask shows concern for the monks. But he says they have been there for 5000 years. Enzu tells him it is pointless to stay since Cantera has been defeated. The monk responds that they will continue to train, but will get in touch with the world by drawing energy outward instead of inward. He continues that since the world is in a state of turmoil they must brace themselves, but it is more preferred for Edermask to stop his own chaos. Edermask storms off stating that the pupil is like the teacher.

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