Chapter 376 is the second part of the "Gain and Loss Arc".

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Iremi watches as the monks hold Enzu in place while he seizes. She kneels besides him. Molly tells her that they already tried using Iremi's magic to heal him. Enzu had recklessly attacked after Iremi was hit and was quickly taken down. Molly tells Iremi that magic can hardly help, but she continues anyway. The monks are relieved and amazed that Enzu's wounds have been healed. Iremi blames herself for being too week to save Dirt when she was younger. She leaves Enzu in Molly's care and goes with the monks to heal other people. As she heals people, she remembers her struggle against her sealed personality. She attempts to heal Pierre's eyes. He opens them but isn't able to see. He says that's because his eyes are special.

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