Chapter 375 is the first part of the "Gain and Loss Arc".

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Edermask walks with his right eye glowing red. Matthew, Marie, and Mosdi follow with serious expressions. Iremi looks distracted and Enzu is slightly upset. Enzu's sword complains inwardly about the awkward silence. He's unable to break Enzu's focus. Iremi walks into a branch. cutting her face. Enzu, worried, asks why she isn't paying attention. She heals herself and responds that she's fine. Enzu thinks that they should have "fixed things" after Iremi had lost control. Iremi experiences a flashback: many monks are laying down injured. She remembers getting pierced through her stomach, but its healed. Then she remembers the fight against Cantera. She's terrorized upon the realization that it wasn't a dream. Enzu is carried in a stretcher - he's having a seizure - monks are looking for a healer. Iremi stares at him.

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