Chapter 363 is the forth part of the "War Orphan Arc".

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Nenomious and Delil approach the king. Nenomious is nervous as he proposes his plan. The court nobles declare treason in response to his proposition for a royal marriage. The king agrees with Nenomious reasoning that since Aruman broke the balance of the the world, old ideals might be outdated. When Nenomious returns, Arumio is upset that his proposal will mitigate war. Although Nenomious rebukes him for only focusing on war, Arumio questions Nenomious' commitment to their promise to end war. When Nenomious questions Arumio's desire for war, Arumio states that the only way to end war in Cantera is to unify the continent under a single country. Nenomious condemns Arumio's proposal's resulting bloodshed, but Arumio in response calls Nenomious a hypocrite. Nastasha interrupts their argument. Arumio storms off. Nenomious leaves as well, telling Nastasha to explain everything to her grandfather.

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Arumio refers to Nenomious as "older brother".



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