Chapter 360 is the first part of the "War Orphan Arc".

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In a burning village filled with corpses, a young boy mourns over his brother pierced by arrows. A carriage containing, Delil, a captain and magician of Onbuzuka enters the town. Soldiers traveling with him comment on the devastation of the town. Delil talks about Aruman's military strategy and strength. A soldier finds the boys and informs Verine. After they are treated for their injuries, Delil introduces himself to the less injured boy who is timid and nervous. The other boy exits from the tent and introduces himself as Arumio and his twin brother as Nenomious.

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  • Daytime in this chapter is red-tone. Nighttime is blue-tone.
  • Arumio survived multiple arrow wounds. His face, including his right eye, is bandaged.



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